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Stream Identity Edit on GitHub

The Event Store in Marten can identify and index streams either as Guids (System.Guid) or strings (System.String). This is reflected in the overloads of IEventStore such as IEventStore.StartStream, IEventStore.Append and IEventStore.AggregateStream that accept either string or Guid as the stream identifier.

Configuring Event Stream Identity

Configuration of the stream identity is done through StoreOptions.Events.StreamIdentity. If not set, Marten defaults to StreamIdentity.AsGuid. The identity is configured once per store, whereby different stream identity types cannot be mixed. The following sample demonstrates configuring streams to be identified as strings.

storeOptions.Events.StreamIdentity = StreamIdentity.AsString;

Practical Implications

Stream identity effects the underlying database schema of the Event Store related tables. Namely, using string identities configures stream_id in the mt_events table to be varchar, whereas uuid would be used for GUIDs. The same applies to the id column in mt_streams table.