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Implementation Details Edit on GitHub

At the moment, Marten implements two modes of tenancy, namely single tenancy and conjoined multi-tenancy (see Tenancy).

Conjoined Tenancy

The conjoined (TenancyStyle.Conjoined) multi-tenancy in Marten is implemented by associating each record with a tenant identifier. As such, Marten does not guarantee or enforce data isolation via database access privileges.

Effects On Schema

Once enabled, TenancyStyle.Conjoined introduces a tenant_id column to Marten tables. This colum, of type varchar with the default value of **DEFAULT** (default tenancy), holds the tenant identifier associated with the record. Furthermore, Marten creates an index on this column by default.

A unique index may optionally be scoped per tenant (see [linkto:documentation/documents/configuration/unique]>).