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Configuring Tenancy Edit on GitHub

The three levels of tenancy that Marten supports are expressed in the enum TenancyStyle with effective values of:

  • Single, no multi-tenancy
  • Conjoined, multi-tenancy through tenant id
  • Separate, multi-tenancy through separate databases or schemas

Tenancy can be configured at the store level, applying to all documents or, at the most fine-grained level, on individual documents.

Tenancy Through Policies

Tenancy can be configured through Document Policies, accesible via StoreOptions.Policies. The following sample demonstrates setting the default tenancy to TenancyStyle.Conjoined for all documents.

// Shorthand for
// storeOptions.Policies.ForAllDocuments(_ => _.TenancyStyle = TenancyStyle.Conjoined);

Tenancy At Document Level & Policy Overrides

Tenancy can be configured at a document level through document mappings. This also enables overriding store-level configurations applied through Document Policies. The following sample demonstrates setting, through StoreOptions the tenancy for Target to TenancyStyle.Conjoined, making it deviate from the configured default policy of TenancyStyle.Single.

storeOptions.Policies.ForAllDocuments(x => x.TenancyStyle = TenancyStyle.Single);