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Json Serialization Edit on GitHub

An absolutely essential ingredient in Marten's persistence strategy is JSON serialization of the document objects. Marten aims to make the JSON serialization extensible and configurable through the native mechanisms in each JSON serialization library. For the purposes of having a smooth "getting started" story, Marten comes out of the box with support for a very basic usage of Newtonsoft.Json as the main JSON serializer.

Internally, Marten uses an adapter interface for JSON serialization:

public interface ISerializer
    void ToJson(object document, TextWriter writer);

    string ToJson(object document);

    T FromJson<T>(TextReader reader);

    object FromJson(Type type, TextReader reader);

    string ToCleanJson(object document);

    EnumStorage EnumStorage { get; }

    Casing Casing { get; }

    CollectionStorage CollectionStorage { get; }

    NonPublicMembersStorage NonPublicMembersStorage { get; }

To support a new serialization library or customize the JSON serialization options, you can write a new version of ISerializer and plug it into the DocumentStore (there's an example of doing that in the section on using Jil).