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Loading Documents by Id Edit on GitHub

Documents can be loaded by id from the IDocumentSession interface, either one at a time or by an enumerable of id values. The load by id functionality again supports Guid's, integers, long integers, and strings.

Synchronous Loading

The syntax is shown below:

public void load_by_id(IDocumentSession session)
    var userId = Guid.NewGuid();

    // Load a single document identified by a Guid
    var user = session.Load<User>(userId);

    // There's an overload of Load for integers and longs
    var doc = session.Load<IntDoc>(15);

    // Another overload for documents identified by strings
    var doc2 = session.Load<StringDoc>("Hank");

    // Load multiple documents by a group of id's
    var users = session.LoadMany<User>(Guid.NewGuid(), Guid.NewGuid(), Guid.NewGuid());

    var ids = new Guid[] { Guid.NewGuid(), Guid.NewGuid(), Guid.NewGuid() };

    // If you already have an array of id values
    var users2 = session.LoadMany<User>(ids);

Asynchronous Loading

TODO(need a sample of async loading)