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Deleting Documents Edit on GitHub

Delete by Id or by Document

You can register document deletions with an active IDocumentSession by either the document itself or just by the document id to avoid having to fetch a document from the database just to turn around and delete it. Deletions are executed within the single database transaction when you call IDocumentSession.SaveChanges().

The usage is shown below:

public void delete_documents(IDocumentSession session)
    var user = new User();


    // OR


Delete by Linq Queries

New for Marten v0.8 is the ability to delete any documents of a certain type meeting a Linq expression using the new IDocumentSession.DeleteWhere<T>() method:

theSession.DeleteWhere<Target>(x => x.Double == 578);


A couple things to note:

  1. The actual Sql command to delete documents by a query is not executed until IDocumentSession.SaveChanges() is called
  2. The bulk delete command runs in the same batched sql command and transaction as any other document updates or deletes in the session